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Book Shelf: Crazy Busy

on January 13, 2015

Over New Year’s, I spent 5 days in Indianapolis for our Cru winter conference IndyCC (posted here).  One of the many perks of working for Cru is their desire to care for us spiritually.  I do not (or try not to) take for granted that I have time with the Lord and spiritual development time built into my work schedule.  Seriously, it is a huge blessing.


During our initial staff meeting before the students arrived, all 400 staff members were gifted a book called ‘Crazy Busy’  by Kevin DeYoung.  He was also the author of ‘Just Do Something’ which is sitting on my book shelf, but unread (Many people have briefed me on the content and I will highly recommend it, tho I still haven’t read it).


Crazy Busy… do they know my life or what?!  My standard answer lately when asked how things are going has been “Busy, but I think that’s just life.” Amen!

My Director has made a point to our students a number of times that even in their crazy schedules of work, class, homework, clubs, church, and biblestudies… The college years are the least busy they will ever be.  Not that it is not busy, it is!  But you schedule is flexible.  If you want to plan a break in classes to get a 2 pm nap in, you can.  And trust me, this is how most people made it through their college experience.  If you want to play ball at the Rec in the evening and stay up til 4am writing a paper you can.  If you want all morning or night classes you can.  If you want to work Tues. and Thurs. and take classes only 3 days a week, you can.  Your schedule is full but flexible, its subjective.

My life is a little different, but I still fall into that same category in many ways.  It’s so busy.  Even in the moments where I do not have anything scheduled, I am plagued by the endless list of things that I need to fit in somehow.  People I need to connect with, tasks that need done, and plans that should be made.  Its not that I am super productive.  Normally I really don’t get much done, but I am exhausted and overwhelmed by the list of things in my head that I need to get done.  And every new opportunity does not seem like an opportunity, but an obligation.  One more thing that needs to fit somewhere, even if it is supposed to be fun.

And let’s be honest, I am young and single.  I haven’t even experienced life that involves caring for, providing for, and managing the lives of children and a spouse.  My time and my schedule are my own for the most part.  I do not even know busyness yet, like many of you do.

Can anyone relate?  Then this book is for you!!

DeYoung clearly writes not from a perspective of an expert, but as someone who is plagued with the same problem and trying to work toward a solution together.  It is refreshing and relatable.  The book is quick and conversational.  The content is not theology heavy, but also not solely a ‘How-to: Improve your life in these easy steps’ type book.  The aim is practical perspective on our own hearts and patterns, how perspective/truth and intentionality (along with theology) can help us to fight busyness.

DeYoung adresses 3 dangers to avoid, 7 diagnosis to consider, and 1 solution.

Some of the subjects he addresses is pride, media, people pleasing, and a number of relevant things to consider.

Most of all I appreciate that he reminds us that busyness is not a bad thing.  We were made to be busy.  Jesus was the busiest man on the planet, but was without sin.  He was not busy with self reliance, exhaustion, frustration, pride, or burnout.  We are made to be busy.  We are called to carry each other’s burdens.  As a Christian, I am called to love and serve.  This is messy, inefficient, and tiring.  It calls for self sacrifice.

We can be busy while still being joyful.  We can have full schedules without sinning.  But only if our goal is not to accomplish everything, but only what God sets before us.  He goes with us.  We have to work hard to rest fully.  But only in His strength.

We also have to leave margins in our life to allow God room to work.  If we cram our schedule full to the brim, we will have no time to sit with someone who is hurting, share the Gospel with someone that God puts in our path, or allow for divine appointments that God has ‘prepared for us ahead of time.’.

There are so many little pieces from this book that I would love to share.  So many things that spoke life and relief to my heart.  But I would highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

I’ll leave you with this quote… and hopefully it will leave you wanting more.

“We can rest because He worked. We can lay down our pride full busyness because He laid down His life. We can keep coming back to Him in the midst of our failures because He keeps all His promises to us.”

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