Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

The Real “Reason for the Season”

on December 25, 2014

Can anyone believe how fast Christmas has come up this year?  It’s here.  I have already gone to Christmas Eve service and wrapped all my presents.  This is it!

I have mentioned before that I have not had the easiest time getting into the Holiday Spirit this year.  Its like I never sat down long enough to get my head around it.  There was always something else to do, something that I needed to get figured out.  There was always something else that needed to happen before it really felt like Christmas.  Sometimes I think I am just waiting to recreate that childhood Christmas magic.

But as an adult I realize that “Christmas Magic”  does not just happen.  It’s why my parents were always up until 2 a.m. Christmas Eve night.  It was not easy to work full time, buy all the presents, remember where you hid them, wrap them, get everyone to the parties on time (and dressed).  It takes a lot of planning and work.

But it is totally worth it!

I was sitting in the Christmas Eve service this season and I realized something.  The real “reason for the season”  is Jesus Christ.  But I had been so caught up in other things that I was not really feeling it.  I think I had told myself,”This needs my attention right now, but later I will meditate on the important part.”  But that “perfect time”  never came.  I was trading the Urgent for the Important.

What feels urgent is not always what is most important, and what is most important does not always feel urgent.

On the few occasions I tried to sit down and really dwell on the Birth of our savior, I was not feeling it.  Even in a Church service dedicated solely to that, I found myself in a different state of mind entirely.  Bitter from unmet expectations, Selfish towards my own wants and plans, Anxious with pressure to meet self-imposed expectations.  Thoroughly bored with the “same old story” but wanting to put on a very grateful and spiritual facade.

Then I stopped myself.  I do not need to feed the lie that because I am in ministry that I need to look like I have it all together.  I do not need to give in to the pressure to have some earth shattering revelation about Christmas just because it is December 25th.

To be real, I was wrong.  It is not ok to be greedy, selfish, prideful, resentful, worried, or stressed.  But not just because I am in a Christmas service.  I should not be those things ever.  Because that is not what Christ wants.  Thats not why He came to be born… and to die.  He did that so that we wouldn’t have to be those things.

Jesus is not some self-absorbed spoiled Prince, who wants you to be happy and Holy for His birthday party, but won’t really notice our sour attitudes the rest of the time.  He also is not the type to want us to put on a smile so we don’t ruin His celebration, and not care that we are sad or scared or hurting.  That is not my Jesus.

He is the same Jesus on the cross as He was in that manger.  And He died so that we can be free from self-righteousness.

I want to celebrate the birth and death of Jesus everyday, not just for a week out of the year.  That means being real with how you feel, seeing it in light of what Jesus did for you on the cross, and allowing Him to enter in and change that.

So yes… I want to truly celebrate Jesus’ birth this Christmas.  But I want to really celebrate the reason He came, and the implications.  That He came to be born because He knew that I would have to fake my way through a service dedicated to Him.  Because I am not capable of fully understanding the wonder of what He did.  And I will probably ignore it often.

That’s why He came.  Isn’t it beautiful, that He came to save me from my mistakes, and He forgives me for them even when it directly hurts Him?

How are you doing this Christmas?  Where is your heart?

Wherever it is… Jesus is ready to receive it.


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