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Friday Favorites: Christmas Break

on December 19, 2014

Its Friday again 🙂  and its a special Friday… The last Friday before Christmas!  I seriously can’t believe it.  I am linking up again today with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.

This is definitely a season of celebrating, not just Christmas, but lots and lots of Birthdays.  So much fun to be had.

Favorite #1


Groupon!  I have a serious love for groupon.  I am not as much a gift person as an experience person.  I love to do things rather than unwrap a present.  Groupon has made it possible to do so many fun things that I would never have been able to do.

Murder Mystery Dinner

So excited to see who did it!

So excited to see who did it!

Box Seats to the Cubs Game


Paint Nite with Girlfiriends (see below)

Also grabbed a fun laptop case there once!

Check it out!  You can get some fun gifts for an affordable price.

Favorite #2

Paint Nite at Blue Agave in Chicago

Paint Nite at Blue Agave in Chicago

Paint Nite 🙂  These Wine and Paint events are getting to be really trendy these days.  I had to miss my BFF’s birthday celebration because I was at a Staff Conference, so to make it up to her we planned a girl’s nite in the city.  They company hosts Paint Nite at various restaurants in different cities.  It was a blast!

Fun group of girls :)

Fun group of girls 🙂

As we celebrated her belated bday, we also got to celebrate our other friends birthday a day early… And got a little shout out to Christmas in too!


Favorite #3

I know, I know…. But TSwift tho….

Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift 1989

I love her new album.  Blank Space is played on repeat at my place (much to my roommates dismay, but Hey!  She is out numbered).

You may be a fan, or a hater.  I am still a loyal fan 🙂  Love the old country TSwift, but I am definitely diggin’ the new stuff as well.

Favorite #4

Speaking of catchy music… Have you heard the new Bruno Mars song?

I dare you to listen and not dance.  Also, I dare you to not listen again… and again, and again.

My friends may or may not be planning to learn the trumpet now.

Favorite #5

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

To me relaxing means reading… and now that I have a week or 2 break I am ready for a good book.

The Kitchen House by Kathy Grissom is a great book.  I am almost finished and have barely put it down.  The story line follows a girl who was an indentured servant for a plantation in the late 1700’s.  She befriends the other help as well as the mater’s family and all of their lives gets really entwined.  It is engaging and really insightful.  I would highly recommend it!

So excited to start another week… I am sure it will be full of lots of favorites!  How do you plan to spend your Holidays?  What are you favorite traditions?



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