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Party for 2… or 20

on December 2, 2014

Some people have gifts that others do not.  I may have missed one or 2 of these.  Like hospitality.  Seriously, if anyone stops by in less than 1 days notice they better be ok with water and grapes.  I am just not a host.

During a summer mission with Cru, we were asked to prepare our meal for the first biblesudy that we hosted for our group of girls.  It was a great way to relax and have them get to know each other.  Who doesn’t bond over food?!

My Chicago small group... Miss these girls!

My Chicago small group… Miss these girls!

First off we ended up having tacos, because while I love to cook, I literally draw a blank when having to cook for a crowd.  And I am also an awful judge of quantity and proportion.  I forget that some people have different appetites than me.  So lets just say, for that dinner we had just *enough* for everyone to eat a helping… and that was because I forgot that one of the girls was a vegetarian and didn’t eat any meat!!  I am pretty sure everyone left and ordered a pizza or something.

So in my desire to grow in hospitality, I have been studying others around me trying to soak it all in.

This week was our Community group Christmas party which was graciously hosted by one of the girls.  She is fresh out of high school and practically a Martha Stewart in the kitchen.  Call me humbled, and blessed to have her save the day!

The day might have included a couple of frantic phone calls ensuring that I did in fact plan enough snacks for a herd of college students (I forgot that half would be males… that changes everything!) and a last minute trip to the store.

Spoiler alert:  We had plenty of food, and some left over for our big group party later that week.  Also the favorites did not include anything I brought.  But everyone was happy 🙂

Good times, Great people!

Good times, Great people!

I did have the fore thought to plan a few things.  They were super simple and always a crowd pleaser.

#1 Skinny Funfetti Dip (originally from Eat yourself Skinny)


Anyone remember DunkAROos?  This is a throw back to that snack.  Eat with graham crackers, Vanilla wafers, or pretzels.  It is Yummy!  And looks really pretty too 🙂

#2 Chocolate covered popcorn

You have tried Chocolate covered pretzels, and I bet you love them!  Give it a shot with popcorn for another salty sweet snack. The method is super easy.  Just make popcorn using whatever method you prefer.  Melt vanilla almond bark (or any other melting chocolate) in a microwave or double boiler.  Then pour it on top of the popcorn. I normally lay the corn on a large piece of parchment paper and mix that way. It will be messy so be prepared.

Sneaky!  There is chocolate in there

Sneaky! There is chocolate in there

From here you can make so many variations.  Add in chopped nuts, pretzel pieces, M&M’s, rice cripsies for texture, colored sprinkles, crushed Oreos, etc… the options are endless.

Just a couple of really quick and easy party foods that have never disappointed.  In case you need a fast sweet this Holiday season, I would highly recommend it.  They barely even need a recipe 🙂


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