Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Reality Check: Bad case of the Thankfuls

on November 30, 2014

I typed out my Thanksgiving post and I shut the computer, pretty happy with the thoughts that had come from my brain to my fingers.  Feeling like I had sufficiently done my Turkey Day duty, I felt free to move on and eat turkey, hang with the family, and just veg out for the day.

But I was very quickly hit with a random thought… “But did you mean it?”

What?? Where did that come from?  Its Thanksgiving.  Of course I meant it!  But a weird feeling still persisted.  Is that really being thankful?  Typing out a post to tell the world that you appreciate all things in your life… good and bad.  And the standard family, friends, and answered prayer answer.

My answer is ‘Yes, I do mean it.’

Buuuuuut maybe thinking it and living it are 2 different things.

Today I FEEL thankful, but what does it mean to BE thankful?

Am I thankful when were are 30 minutes late to eat dinner and I am starving?

Am I thankful when my blessing of a car needs a $30 oil change, or worse?

Am I thankful when my friends hurt my feelings or call me sensitive?

Am I thankful on Black Friday when people are getting in my way to get something off the shelf that I want? Or when I see all these cute well dressed women on blogs all over, when I know I will never look like that?

Am I thankful on Thanksgiving, or do I live thankful?

To be thankful is to live it out.  To be content.  To realize that everything we have comes from the Lord.  That every situation is a chance for us to give glory to God.

To be thankful is to say “The Lord promises to provide everything I need.  So what I have right now was a gift from His hands.  And it is truly all I need.”

To be thankful is to know that we deserve nothing.  And that all we experience is mercy and grace from above.

To be thankful is to know that discipline and trial are for “our good and His glory”.  And they are to make us better.

Will I really be thankful on Saturday?  If people look at my life in a week, will they see the gratitude that I portray on social media today?

If I were to ask God, would He say I am thankful.

Let’s own the fact that we are brats… I would love to blame society, but lets be honest.  I have always been this way.

The great thing is that Christ died for the sin in our hearts.  He knew that we could not be what we ought, so He sent His son to make up for it.

We will never be fully grateful this side of Heaven.  We will never know the extent of what Christ did for us and what He saved us from.

We will never know what we deserve.

And for that I am thankful.

And because of that I can grow in faithfulness… Not perfectly, but increasingly.

By the Grace of God.


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