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Friday Favorites Part 2: Its getting Chilly!

on November 20, 2014

It’s time for a second edition of Friday Favorites!  Linking up with these fun ladies *Andrea *Erika *Narci


My first Favorite from this week

Arm Knit Scarf... So simple!

Arm Knit Scarf… So simple!

I  Love Scarves (Like every other girl on the planet).  This week we had our first single digits, but feels like negative degree weather.  So now I really love scarves… Big thick ones!

So this week I learned to Arm knit.  It was super simple and quick.  Also I wore it to my small group on Tuesday and all the older women were just allllll about it!

This tutorial makes it really easy.  I watched it through maybe 2 times.  I also had a friend with experience with me, which was a big help.

The yarn I got was from Michaels.  Any thick knit yarn should be fine.  You need 2 spools.  The brand that I used first was Wool Ease (The same as on the tutorial).

This is another spool I will try, just to give you an idea.


Seriously, love it!  They would make great Christmas gifts.

#2.  Fro yo!

This week my Cru community group decided to get out and have some fun before the study on Monday.  We planned Fro yo for weeks, which is ironic because it ended up being the coldest night of the year.  After warming up by the fireplace inside the store, we were ready to dig in.  Thanks to Aspen Leaf for some fun options.  We had a blast together.

Keeping warm for Fro Yo!

Keeping warm for Fro Yo!

(Also these girls are great at Just Dance as well!)

**It needs to be noted that Starbucks was also a pit stop on the way back to campus.

#3 NIU Volleyball

On Sunday the whole NIU Women’s Volleyball team went to serve at Feed My Starving Children in Sycamore.  After they all gathered at a friends house for dinner and games.  It was a pleasure to join these sweet girls and get to know them more.  They are really great at Charades.

Good Luck at sectionals!

And I can’t wait to get to know you more next semester!

NIU Womens's Volley Ball

NIU Womens’s Volley Ball

#4 A week would not be my favorite without some good coffee.

Graham’s 318 in Geneva is the cutest little shop.  Its an old house converted to a coffee shop and the people are so friendly.  I love the atmosphere, the fireplace, and the White hot chocolate. 🙂

Grahams 318 White Chocolate Hot Chocolate!

Grahams 318 White Chocolate Hot Chocolate!

Warming up by the fire

Warming up by the fire

But at home, I am completely dependent on my Keurig.  I got a TON of these kcups on clearance and have been drinking seasonal drinks all year.  Gingerbread is my fave right now.

Gingerbread says the Holidays!

Gingerbread says the Holidays!

There are a handful of my favorites for this week.  I anticipate a lot of favorites for this next week… Including Thanksgiving!


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