Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Full of what, you might ask??

on October 20, 2014

Ever heard anyone say “My life is full.”  I have, but I never really got it.  It seemed really cheesy in my opinion.

But today, I literally found myself thinking “My life is…. full.”

What does that mean?!?!


Fullness of beauty

Fullness of beauty

Everyday it means something different.  This week has definitely been full… Full to the point of bursting.

Some days it was my head bursting from a stress and fatigue induced headache.

Everyday it was my schedule that was bursting.  Bursting to the point of being late to everything because I didn’t leave enough time to get anywhere between engagements and responsibilities.

Some days it was my eyes bursting with tears for reasons I wasn’t even sure of.   My own personal way of reacting to the fact that I physically and emotionally can’t keep up with my own expectations.

But today I realized that in the midst of all these things, my life is full because my heart is full.

Life is full of worry and disappointment.  Full of unanswered questions and pain.

If life isn’t completely good, I forget that it is also not completely bad.  And then there are moments when you realize that something that used to be wrong has been made right.  Things you never thought would change have gradually and suddenly become a joy.  People that were distant are now precious friends.  Prayers that seemed hopeless are just fuzzy memories.

These realizations come so softly that it is easy to overlook them.  But they hit you with almost a perceivable force that you just have to stop and acknowledge them.

Little moments… Like seeing a gift that my boyfriend made me at the beginning of our relationship and realizing that the days of long distance are only a memory.

Listening to my sweet friend share her testimony in front of a room full of students…. realizing how deeply the Lord has worked in her life.  Remembering when I thought it would take a miracle.

Being in a room full of students singing in worship, remembering when I was praying just a few rows to at least be filled.

Allowing a lyric from a song this morning to wash over me, as I realized it addressed the exact state of my heart just 30 minutes ago.

God is good.  He is living and active.  He is present.  Never changing, but always changing us.

He really will work it all out for our good and His glory.

In the moments of waiting… keep waiting.

In the moments for frustration… keep bringing your cares before the Lord.

In moments of joy… Hold nothing back because He deserves it all.

Joy can exist in the midst of pain.  Gratitude in times of frustration.  Peace in moments of doubt.  Rest in times of busyness.

Life will always be a mix of trials and victories, most often happening simultaneously.  Never let the hard diminish the Amazing.  Because one day the difficult will be only a memory…  A sweet, sweet memory.


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