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Coffee Tour in the Windy City

on August 14, 2014

So as most of you know, I spent the summer in the City.  I love the city!


I could for real be a city girl, expect for a few things that might be deal breakers.  

The people, the buildings, the cool things to do, even the El…. I really enjoyed it.

Besides all the cool experiences I had with people and adventures, my goal was to experience the city through coffee shops.  My roommate and I share a love for coffee and cool atmosphere, so it was a perfect match.  We explored together.  She was a better judge of quality, I go more for atmosphere.  (Cozy and comfortable, over trendy)

So through all my explorations I came up with a few great places that I loved… and some other really quality places.

If any of you are near the city and interested, these are my top picks.

1. Sip–  This place is located a few blocks from the Grand blue line stop.  I went there at least 3 times.  They serve intelligensia coffee, and if you choose to stay you can choose your own mug from the shelf on the wall.  The space in small but deep, with 3 different sitting spaces, 2 outdoor courtyards, and an upstairs loft.  The coffee was good, and Lauren recommended the lattes as well. I really liked it!

2. Filter–  Total Hipster coffee shop.  As you walked in it was a little industrial feeling, but the seating area was huge with a big window over looking Milwaukee Ave. (a popular street in Wicker Park, great for people watching)  The seating is just tons of old 80’s and 90’s style couches that look like they were picked up at a thrift store.  It is so comfy!  Plus the coffee is good.  Its really fun, and I could do work there for hours.

3.  Overflow– The atmosphere here is not hugely different.  It is a coffee shop run by a local church.  But its not super cheesy, and the coffee is actually really good!  Its ipsento brand I believe.  The signature latte is to die for!  And I love that they support local organizations and ministries.  2 thumbs up!

4.  Ipsento–  This place is kind of far, and its really small.  But the Nutella Mocha is worth the trip.  Seriously one of the best and prettiest lattes I have ever had.


5.  The Ugly Mug–  Again it was a great latte.  The theme is well carried out, because everyone gets there “for here” coffee in the most random mugs.  Mine was Tweety Bird.  There is also a back yard area to sit if the weather is nice.

Some other fun places to try are:

  • Wormhole- not my top place, I just don’t think I have an appreciation for what they were going for.  But the old school Nintendo, and the Delorian on the ceiling are worth a look.  Especially if you are a Dr. Who fan.
  • Intelligensia- I gotta say I do not get the hype.  But most people love this place!  
  • Eva’s cafe
  • Cafe Streets- Apparently the Lavender Latte is to die for
  • Next Door cafe (for more of a work space feel)
  • Bridgeport
  • And a pretty cool 2 story Starbucks in Gold Coast.  Its not like any one I have seen before.

    As you can tell, I was highly caffeinated for the 6 weeks I was in the Windy City!

    And if you want Donuts to go with the coffee, Try Do-Rite Donuts, Stan’s, or Glazed and Infused.

    (Don’t I just sound like a City Girl?!)



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