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Chicago, Here I come!

on May 22, 2014

It’s summer! That means a new routine and adventures. And road trips!  

My job is awesome! I am practically a college student forever. That means that summers will always be new and exciting. This summer is no different.

In a day or 2, I will be heading to spend a good part of the summer in downtown Chicago!


By way of a road trip, Chicago doesn’t really mean much. Just a short 1 hour (ish) drive will take me to the heart if the city. But since 3/4ths of the year I reside in a very country like area, the “Big City” will provide some adventure. Besides day trips or short weekends, I have not spent much time there.

Chicago summer project will involve 30 staff and 70 students living in the heart of the city. Staff for 5 weeks and students for 10. We will be staying in student housing through Columbia college. During the week we will go to campuses across the city to meet students from all walks of life. I can’t wait! It will be fun to meet new people, lead wonderful students, and explore our city.

The adventure begins!


Chicago might not seem like the first place you would expect us to go for missions.  But just because it is close to home does not mean there is not a huge need here.  And the great part is we get to help a team of people that will stay and invest in the city when we leave.  And it is not so far that we can’t come back and continue working with them.  

Here are some cool facts about Chicago:

  • Population is 2,695,598 roughly
  • it covers 237 square miles
  • there is a BEACH!

Here is a list of other really interesting things you might not know about Chicago, our city!



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