Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Measuring Years by Semesters

on May 14, 2014

Graduation has come and summer is here.  Cue that sappy 90’s Vitamin C song… You remember the one.  “As we go on… We remember… all the times we… had together.”

So much has happened within the course of the year.  There is an old saying “The days are long, but the years are short.”  And I completely agree.

The last 2 weeks was a blur of “lasts”.  Final meetings with students.  The last CruLive meeting of the semester to send of the Seniors.  Our last leaders meeting.  It was sad in some ways, but really great to get perspective and remember the Lord’s faithfulness.

Many times through the semester I have battled the lie that nothing was happening.  We met road block after road block along the way.  In the moment it feels like everything is against us.  But as I reflect, I can see the purpose along the way.  Somethings still don’t make sense.  But it will all come together.

This year was a trust building year.  It was a time to depend on the Lord in a new way.  He called me to this, and I was completely unprepared.  But that was ok.  I didn’t like it sometimes, and in some ways I still don’t.  But I am growing, and it is all worth it.

Within the last year, I traveled to Colorado, Indianapolis (twice), and Cincinnati.  I have made so many new friendships.  I have seen people grow in their understanding of christ, and have seen some trust Him for the first time.  There have also been people who have walked away from Christ.  I have cried, and fought, and laughed. I consumed way too much coffee, and drove in way too much snow.

There are things that I wish I would have done better, and things that I am going to miss.  I do not for one second believe that this will be the best year of my life.  But I have grown and struggled and learned.  I have failed and let people down.  There were days where I was at the end of my rope.  I have fought and questioned, yelled and cried.

I needed this year, because it led me to Christ.  I have come to the end of myself.  And found that He is faithful.  He is constant.  He is growing me into the person He wants me to be in Christ.  I need to go through hard things.  I need to fail.  Because only then will I realize that God has it all taken care of.

In my tears, God was still worthy of worship and joy.  In my failure, nothing ever failed.


Some of my favorite highlights from this year are:

Getting to watch my sweet friend accept the Lord and learn what it looks like to know Him

Spending so much time with my wonderful boyfriend

Building relationships with older couples from my church

Hosting the Aruna 5k at NIU


Thing I have learned this year:

God answers prayer

Be who God made me to be, even if it is different

Extend grace always

Life is hard, but that doesn’t mean its not good

Striving for control will just make you frustrated

People are more important than tasks.


In my growing, I did not enjoy the Lord as much as I would have liked this year.  My prayer for this season of rest, is to get to know Him again.  So that I can serve out of a genuine love for Him and His mission.  I can’t wait to see what He has next.

Here are some ways we ended the semester:


Dinner and Games to celebrate our last Bible Study.  What a fun group!


The last Cru Live of the year.  Sending off some seniors.  Good thing none of them are actually leaving us!


This is my sweet friend Harpreet.  I will miss here.  She is my running buddy, and a fellow Chicago Summer Project attender.  She is a blessing to me.


My team finished off the year with a fun day at Starved Rock.  They are crazy fun!



Also, a semi tradition is Indian food and Naperville Riverwalk after finals.  Teaching this new Alumni and future intern how to eat with his hands.


Some lovely ladies!


Proud of all our graduates… Especially this guy 🙂


And I couldn’t have done it this year with out my team!




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