Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

What I am reading: A Broken Vow

on May 8, 2014

I am a little obsessed with books as well as blogs.  I love them!  A little over a year ago, I met a sweet friend as we trained to start our positions with Cru.  She told me about a blog that she started herself… So of course I checked it out.  (She also let me peek at a book that she self published.  I know… stop it!)

 A little while ago she posted about a book called “A Broken Vow”.  The author Jasmine Henderson is a friend of Katie’s.  So I naturally wanted to check it out. 

“A Broken Vow” is Jasmine’s personal story.  A story of how she went from virgin to pregnant in 4 months at the age of 25.  

I love this story.  Jasmine’s ability to be real is so refreshing.  It brings light to things that lots of young Christian women struggle with, even though it isn’t acceptable in our “Christian society”.

Despite the ‘True Love Waits” mentality of youth groups these days, and the abstinence teaching that used to happen in schools when we were young (society is getting away from even that now), people are having sex.  Young girls are getting pregnant.  If the trend is so high in people who do not profess faith in Jesus, why would we let ourselves believe that Christ followers are not struggling with the same thing.  The trend is a trend for a reason.  And if we as a society do not address it head on, it will continue to be a secret problem… but a problem still. 

Jasmine speaks frankly about how her desire to stay pure was slowly compromised.  How the truths that she was told, slowly got twisted into lies.  It happens so easily.  

But what I love is her strength.  She sees things for what they are.  She takes ownership for her actions.  She works through her heart attitude, not just her actions.  Jasmine is real about the things that are messy.  She doesn’t just put a neat little bow on it, and call the problems solved.  

But she always points back to Jesus.  He is always waiting as we go our own way.  Persistently inviting us back to Him.  He is the one we answer to, no one else.  If He calls us forgiven, we are forgiven.  And He still protects us, provides for us, and blesses us even when we stray.   

I highly recommend you check out Jasmine’s story.  You can find it here  And check out My sweet friend Katie’s blog here


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