Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Reminiscing with short term memories

on April 29, 2014


Last evening was our final meeting with our student leaders for the school year.  We call them our servant team, because they truly serve so faithfully.  We had them take paper cups and right things they had seen God do over the year, and then we used them to build a monument of remembrance.  Just like the Israelites did after they crossed the Red Sea.  It was such a great picture of what the Lord has done this year.  Let us never forget.

I’ll admit that there are times she I sit down to read the bible and I get surprised when I get something out of it.  The other day I randomly opened my bible because I felt the need to read.  That’s legalism and not at all the way to approach the Word, but for the sake of honesty that was what happened.


I opened to Psalm 106 and started reading.  The whole passage talked about the Israelites and how dumb they were. There was a definite theme.


God is good.

He blesses the Israelites

Time passes and they forget

They forget God and do their own thing

(Increasingly awful and stupid things)

God punishes their sin

Israelites get uncomfortable.

They repent

God forgives.

He blesses them.

Everything is all happy

Then they forget.



And repeat

 And repeat again.


Seriously! What is their problem?

 This isn’t like, God gives them an A on an exam stuff.

It’s like, He parts the Red Sea stuff.

 He delivers them from a huge army of Egyptians, kinda stuff.

 People, they make movies about these things. (Hence the new movie Noah… These stories even get atheist film makers attention)


And then they forget.

You read them saying things like, “God forgot us.” So clearly we should worship these other gods… Who,by the way, are made of wood.  It kind of a long passage too. And over and over again, I catch myself thinking, “really guys?! Come on!”


But then I reminded myself that scripture is always pointing to each of us in some way. If you read a passage and say “this person or that person needs to hear this.” You can pretty much guarantee that you do too.


I am the Israelites. I have been living in this attitude of “life is hard.”

God just hasn’t shown up the way I want Him too. He obviously has a reason to withhold good things from me.

But is that really true. Not at all. He is always faithful and generous to me. Who am I to call the shots? I can’t define God’s faithfulness. I should never expect God to live upto my expectations.

Maybe, I should redefine my view of God.


They forgot who God was and What he was doing. So they decided He wasn’t pulling his weight so the Israelites went elsewhere. They made their own Gods to do things they way they wanted.

And then life got hard. What they wanted did not satisfy.

Who would have thought?


But that’s where I am at. God isn’t producing the results I want, so my “only” option is to do it my way. Pack my schedule,  manipulate relationships, earn my status through my performance. And when that doesn’t work, I seek satisfaction by escaping to other things… My escape of choice is working out to forget my stress and feelings of inadequacy. For others it’s netflix binges, or food, or maybe just being around people all the time.

 But this doesn’t work.  The momentary satisfaction doesn’t last that long.  Honestly, I might as well just pull out my old American girl doll and start praying to it.  The results would be just as fulfilling.

But we do these things for a reason, right?  We do not go into these things thinking, ‘Huh, I am going to start doing God’s job for Him… He really isn’t on His game today.”

 For real, if I said that I should be fired.


So what’s the solution?  How do we fix our wrong thinking?

 Look at the first verse of the chapter.  At first I thought it kinda seemed out of place.  Like something the author just threw in there to get the ball rolling.  We all know the intro is the hardest part, right?

 But no… this is the answer.  “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.”

 We need to give thanks to remember.  If we thank Him, we acknowledge that He is good, and that He is worthy.  We admit to ourselves that He does know what He is doing.  He knows best.  He is good.


Give thanks to remember.

Give thanks to proclaim who He is.

Give thanks to admit that we are not enough.

 Just give thanks.

 A thankful heart is a humble heart.  It is the ultimate surrender.

 Giving thanks is so easy.  You just think the thoughts and say the words.

 But it is so hard.  That means laying down your pride.  It means giving God what is His.

 Let’s work on thankfulness.  Let’s remember.

Because then we turn our thoughts to God and away from ourselves.  Then we will be saved.




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