Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Joy comes in the morning

on April 20, 2014

What a beautiful morning!

It is such a day of celebration.  As I said before, my appreciation of Easter has grown a lot over the years.  It is not just a day that commemorates the beginning of Spring.  Its not just about family and easter dinner and candy.  Or church and flowery dresses.

In years past, some of my favorite memories were of hunting easter eggs at my grandma’s house.  My older uncle and cousins would hide them in increasingly more difficult places as we grew up.  And then we finally got the chance to hide them ourselves for the young ones.

Then there were years of dying easter eggs in the vinegary dye.  Sometime they were a success, and sometimes an epic failure.

The years I got to participate in the Easter play were some of the most fun years.  As a kid, you feel so important stepping on stage with the adults in fun costumes.


Last year was probably my all time favorite.  We celebrated a friends Easter while being away from home.  Many of my friends had not celebrated traditional American Easter before.  So the whole weekend was a bunch of 20 somethings dying Easter eggs, going to church service, and spending the afternoon on an Easter egg hunt in my boyfriends small apartment.  It was complete with our won Easter baskets and jelly bean filled plastic eggs.

While a lot of my friends had never experienced the silly American Easter traditions, this year is extra special for a new friend of mine.  This is her first Easter!  Ever!

She was raised in a Sikh household (us uneducated had always called it ‘Seek” but I have learned, lol).  Easter was not celebrated because they do not recognize Jesus as the Son of God.  As a new believer of Jesus, this is her first year to celebrate what Easter is.  Yes, we made sure she dyed Easter eggs, but the importance to her is new and deep.

Jesus came and died for our sins.  Not that we should keep working to please Him.  But that we can come to Him free of guilt and shame.  He wants a loving relationship with us, and not just our allegiance and obedience.

To see her excitement, it makes me remember how truly blessed I have been to know the Lord.  But despite my relationship with Him I still often try and earn my way to Heaven through good works.

Well, that’s not what today is about.  Jesus died with my sin on His shoulders.  He took it into the pit of Hell and left it there.  Then today, He defeated death and rose victorious!  Who else could do that!

Praise the one who bore my sin and shame on the cross.  Praise the one who saw my weakness, and did not condemn me for it, but gave me a way out.  Praise the one who died to Himself in order to free a sinner just like me.

So now we can live with Him in Heaven forever… not because I am worthy.  But because Jesus paid the debt I could not pay.


Death was defeated.  Satan was put to shame.  And I was declared righteous.  That deserves celebration.

Jesus returned to the glory of Heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.  Because His job was done.  But now, He had cleared a spot for us to return with Him someday. Thank you Lord!




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