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"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Palm Sunday and the Journey

on April 16, 2014

As I grew up I did not realize that Easter got a whole week of recognition.  We had Palm Sunday the week before, and at my church all the kids got to take home big palm branches and wave them around.  I loved it.  But I kinda just thought that it was a way to get people excited for Easter.  

The holiday was kinda confusing to me in general.  How do you combine Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowery dresses, with Jesus and the cross.  I didn’t get it.

Honestly, I really just looked forward to it because I got to hunt easter eggs (secretly hoping to find the one with the money in it, instead of jelly beans) and I might get a Cadburry Egg out of the deal.  

But now over the years I have been able to grow in my understanding and appreciation for Easter, and the whole Holy week!


Palm Sunday represents the day of the “Triumphant Entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem.  He was welcomed like a King.  People were shouting His name, singing songs, and basically just making a huge deal over His arrival.

Seriously, He had His own parade!

But that had to have been bittersweet for Jesus.  He knew that His week would not be a happy one.

Hebrew 12:2 says “For the joy that was set before him endured the cross.”

This week would not look joyous or victorious by Friday.  Jesus knew that the suffering would be great, but He kept His eye on the Joy that would come after.  

It must have been hard to hear all the people shouting and praising Him on Sunday.  He knew that they would turn on Him.  Once they realized that He wasn’t coming to over throw the govenernment, or to bring them great riches, they would change their tune.

They were not praising Jesus for who He was.  They were praising Him for what He could do for them.  As soon as those things didn’t seem to line up, they ran away.  Not only did they remove their praise, but they turned on Him completely.  He was an enemy, and a problem to get rid of.

How humbling that Jesus endured their wrath, so that He could endure God’s wrath for them, so that they could experience a relationship with Him.

Does that even make sense!?!

Not to this human mind…

And let me make this very clear… When I say ‘them’, I mean me.  Even us.
We weren’t there in that moment.  But we can be sure that He was very aware of our presence on the cross.  He was aware of our sin that put Him there.  But He was also aware of our need for Him.  Of His love for us.

On the cross, He remembered us.

He knew that we too would one day be praising Him as king, only to turn away when He did not act they way we wanted Him to act.  

He knew that He would endure our criticism and anger when He did not give in to our selfish demands and self righteous expectations.  


So how do we respond when Jesus is not who we want Him to be?  Do we turn around and crucify Him again?  Do we take matters into our own hands, or find something else that will?

Or Do we allow Him to change our perceptions?

Do we submit to His way?


The awesome part is that now, though we denounced Him in our own heart many times, He still allows us to call Him king again.  

Not only that, he allows us to be adopted into His family.  Not as loyal servants, but as sons and daughters.

Why would Jesus want a bunch of fical hypocrites sharing His sonship with the Father?

Because we needed Him.  Because He loved us.

Romans 5:8 “For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”


Praise the Lord!


So He endured our pain and betrayal.  But with joy set before Him he pursued the cross.


What was that joy?

A reunion with His Heavenly Father… and a Relationship with us.  Us who sentenced Him to death.

His Beloved!



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