Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Why we run?

on March 27, 2014


Imagine being told that you could get a job that would help provide for your family.  Imagine being taken to a city, expecting to clean houses or work in a market.  But then when you get to the city, with a man you barely even know, far from your family and any connection to loved ones, you are enslaved.  Forced to work as a sex worker.  Unable to leave even if you wanted to.  If you did you would have nothing.  You would be tracked down and hurt, and forced to do it again.  You have never even been alone in the presence of a man before.  Your first interaction is not a nice one.  It is violent and cheap.  To top it all off, you are only 11.

This is a reality for many kids today.  Its a horror that we could never even imagine, but its real.  Slavery exists.  And no one is doing anything to stop it.  

God hates oppression.  He hates injustice.  He is broken hearted for the hurt and helpless.

Are we?

Am I?

Are you?

We should be.  As a Church we can’t sit in our own little world and pretend this does not exist.  God is the same God here, and He is there.  He sees these women and children just as clearly as He sees you and me.

He is not letting this happen passively.  But He is asking us to join Him in ending it.

I never understood how people thought raising awareness was helpful.  It seemed like a cop out.  I will say I care, but just as long as I do not have to “put my money where my mouth is”.  Compassion is easy to talk about, but hard to live out.

But awareness is key.  We need to be aware of the reality of the world we live.  Only then can we have our eyes open to ways we can help.

Only then can we pray.  or give. or go!

We have an opportunity to let those women know that we care.  That we see their oppression and are going to do something about it.

We can run to show people that we are not ok with this.  That we want it stopped.  We can run to raise money to save a life.  A life that will go on to produce more life in freedom, than in slavery.  We can run to stop the pimps from enslaving more women.  We can run to show the government that we mean business!

We have a voice.  We have resources.  We have responsibility.

Please support our cause to bring God glory.  To rescue women from physical slavery.  To give them a chance at spiritual freedom as well.  The horrors of sexual slavery is only a shadow compared to an eternity spent in Hell.  We have to free them from spiritual oppression as well!  Or none of us are truly free!

We were once enslaved to our own sin, at the mercy of Satan.  Caught in eternal darkness of our own sinful ways.

But we have been set free.

Join me in being a part of the redemption and restoration of those that Jesus loves.  He came to save the worst of sinners… you and me.  And He came to free the slaves.

Are we going to join Him?




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