Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Things I learned in College

on October 10, 2013

Being on a college campus will teach you a thing or 2.  That is kind of the point I guess.  College and learning go hand in hand.

However, I have been learning quite a bit… and I don’t attend classes.  But being submersed in a community of 20,000 college students will open up your eyes to a lot of things.  If you look around, you get a pretty good snapshot of what our society is all about.

A lot of the time that snapshot helps parents decide to send their kids to private school!

Attention Parents:  I have heard stories of private school… Your kids aren’t safe there either.  You really have no way of keeping your kids “safe” from our depraved society because really the problem is ourselves.  The depravity is in us.  All of us.  There is no way you can keep us from ourselves… But that is a side note.

Even during undergrad at NIU, I did not really learn as much as I should have during classes.  I knew from the start that the information was not why I was there.  (Sorry Mom and Dad!)

But I am learning a lot about God.  That’s humbling to say, since my job description is telling other people about God.  But it  is exciting to know that we will never come to a place where we fully get Him.  Even the things I once thought I knew about Him, I tend to forget… Then He reminds me.  Its kind of a cycle.

God is a BIG God… if you haven’t thought about this for awhile please take a second to think about it.

I walk around on a campus of 20,000 students everyday.  There are people I will never come into contact with.  People who will never cross my path.  Even among that number, there will only be a small fraction I talk to, and an even smaller fraction that I get to know at all.   The number of people that I can call a friend is almost not even worth mentioning in the scheme of things.  To anyone else that number is meaningless.

But to me that number represents a circle of support that is precious.  To know and be known by someone is an impactful thing.

It adds a whole different layer of complication when you realize that in our community of students on campus only a small portion know the truth about the Gospel of Christ.  And among that number only a fraction are living it out and letting it effect their lives.  Only a small portion are living in the freedom that comes from being secure in the salvation of Christ.

We as believers have the responsibility to live that in a way that others can see it.  We also have a responsibility to be sharing it with those who don’t know.

All in a days work, right?!

If you let yourself dwell on the gravity of that calling, you might just wanna lock yourself in your room for an hour…. or a semester.

Now that my technical job title is “Campus Minister” (purely for paperwork purposes lol) I have taken it on myself to carry the full weight of that.  Over 20,000 students who need Christ, and I need to make it a priority to save them all…. Or I have failed.

Sounds super Holy, doesn’t it??

Well, let me tell you… It is NOT.

It’s actually the opposite.

That type of thinking will take you to a bad place really quickly.  There is so much wrong with the statement.

First of all, I can save NO ONE.  Let’s get that straight right off the bat.  You can’t either.  No human being can be responsible for the heart attitude of another person.  If we as believers are walking in the Spirit, speaking truth boldly and in love, then we are doing all that we are called to do.  The rest is between that person and the Lord.  That is how it should be.  It makes their personal experience with Jesus all the more real and sweet.  No one needs us to poke, prod, and nag their way to Jesus.  He is attractive and will speak to them in a way that they uniquely need to hear.  We are just their to walk along side them and remind them when they need it.

Second of all, I can’t fail if I am walking with the Lord.  That is the definition of trust.  Do what the Lord has called us to do, and leave the results upto Him.  He is in control and His plan is good.

The tricky part is knowing what the Lord calls us to do specifically.

Because in my sin and pride and need to perform, I think God has called me to do everything.  I have to talk to everyone, and know everyone in a really personal way.  I have to be a part of everything going on.  I have to do everything perfectly, or I am not being faithful.  And if I am not being faithful, then God is disappointed in me.

That’s a lot of “I” statements.  Not a lot of God statements.  Which should point out some really big sin issues going on here.

We serve a God who knows each one of us very personally.  He doesn’t just know of us… He created us.  He knows us.   He is continually aware of each person I walk past on campus.  Only He knows the condition of their heart, their questions, their hurts, their needs.  Why would I ever think that I could handle that  job?  I am not God.  I can’t do God’s job.

It’s freeing in a way…. To know that in my limitations, God is limitless.  He knows what needs to be done, and He will do it.  He wants to work in the lives of us all.  He allows me to be here and be a part of people’s lives.  He allows me to speak for Him on campus.   But He doesn’t need me to do everything.  He has it covered.  He has other people that He wants to use for His glory as well.  He doesn’t want me to be overwhelmed or overworked.  He wants me to find joy in the opportunities that He gives me.

I serve a God that is big enough to handle the whole world.  That is something I cannot even comprehend.  But He has it all undercontrol.

So instead of throwing my hands in the air and saying ” I give up!  This is impossible.”  I can say “The Lord is faithful, He will surely do it.”

God is at work.  He is continually drawing us to himself through His son Jesus.

“When I am weak, He is strong.”


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