Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Instagram’s latest filter: Reality

on September 5, 2013

I totally LOVE Disney.  You are probably thinking “What girl doesn’t!”  right?!  Well, I know a few…and we are still friends.  For now….

For a long time, people blamed Disney for ruining little girls perceptions of life.  (Slightly dramatic!)

A young, innocent (often very pretty) girl is in trouble.  She empowers herself to rise up against her enemy, and then still gets rescued by a strong (also handsome) male.  This is sometimes a prince or a warrior or a street urchin disguised as a prince with a genie 🙂  The bad guy gets defeated, the girl gets the guy, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Add to the dramatics that these Disney Princesses were also made into Barbies with an equally bad reputation and things will get all sorts of negative.

Fast forward to the teen years and we have the Romantic comedy.  Same story lines, but with a little more real life situations.  Guy meets girl, there is some sort of conflict, everything all gets resolved in the end.  This normally happens while the girls stay gorgeous, the guys stay handsome, and there is a ridiculous amount of sappy rhetoric.

Honestly, I see where they are coming from.  It does set some ridiculously high expectations.  These are scenarios perfectly scripted by Hollywood, and they are portrayed as real life.  We can’t live up to this, and we shouldn’t expect too.  Our hair won’t look perfect all the time, our boyfriends won’t know the perfect way to fix an argument.  That is just life.  And it’s ok.

I wish people would lay off the criticism sometimes.  It is entertainment.  They make the movies because we watch them.  And we all like them, no matter what we like to say during small group.

Yes, more often than not these days, they are inappropriate.  They portray immoral relationships like they are normal.  They are conveying ideas that we should not buy as appropriate.   I am not saying we should, watch them.  I am just making the statement that most of us do.  I do!  (I am going to re evaluate this with the Lord, but I am trying to be honest)

Anywho…. Back to what I was intending to say. (Distractions, distractions)

While we were dealing with Disney  princesses and romantic comedies, this generation of kids/young adults is dealing with something that is more serious.

Social Media (Duh Duh Dun!)

There is an issue that I have been conveniently ignoring for awhile.  Something that has not been sitting well, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  The other day I had an “Aha!” moment.

My internal struggle was very discreet.  Honestly I was not even quite aware of it.  But now it is blatantly clear… Discontentedness.

You know those instances where you just have some time to kill.  Or those days when you have so much to do that you just want to do nothing.  These are the moments when I try to occupy myself enough to not do what I need to do.  That is when I turn to social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Pinterest.  I scroll through snapshots of other people’s lives to distract myself from my own.

Subconsciously the comparisons start.  Things like:

  • she is so pretty,
  • they do so many things
  • they have a perfect family
  • she is so creative,
  • why aren’t my friends that cool?
  • my friends must not like me that much because they never post on my wall
  • I wonder why people don’t “like” my post more.

Some how I just never measure up.  And I hate that.  (let’s call it what it is…. Pride)

A pastor quoted Steven Furtick in his sermon last week saying “Discontentment comes when you compare your ‘behind the scenes’ to someone else’s Highlight reel.”

Well said sir!

This progresses to lots of justification.  If I had more time, or more money, if I had better friends, or lived in a more fun place.  If I were older and had a cool job.  If I were more outgoing, or creative… then…. My life would be better.  I would be happier.  People would like me more.

All good things come from God.  He gives us everything we need.  It’s in scripture.  Look itup !

Psalms 107:9, 2 Peter 1:3

Personally this has even come out in the blogs I stalk follow.  There are all these ladies who have perfect families, dress in adorable clothes I can’t afford, go on fun trips, and throw the cutest parties.

I think that is the measure of a woman.  If I can’t live up to that, then I am less.  The weight of that is heavy.  Because I know that is not a possibility for me.  I am not wired that way.  I don’t have an eye for design, nor do I have the gift of hospitality.  Throwing parties and decorating stresses me out.  I do not have the budget for name brand clothes, Starbucks everyday, and trips all over creation on the weekends.  I might not ever get to be a stay at home mom, or a mom at all.  I do not have the luxury of sitting around during the day, making fun recipes and reading cool books.  And I am not judging those who do.  I am saying that I am jealous at times.

And to be real ya’ll… It is sin.  Do not feel sorry for me.  I am living in sin.

Because when I live in this world that is so different from my own reality, I get caught up on the different and somehow I can confuse myself into thinking that different is wrong.  Different is less.  But that is a lie from Satan.

But even more than that, it is an insult to the loving, generous, caring God that I serve.

He has promised to give me the desires of my heart if they glorify Him.   He has answered my prayers and given me wonderful opportunities.  He created me a certain way.  And if it isn’t to throw dinner parties for 25 of my closest friends that is ok.  If it is to sit an listen to 3 or 4 of my closest friends, that is perfect.

I want to live the life the Lord lays out for me.  I want to invest in the things that please the Lord.  I want to live for what is eternal, not what is here and now.  That looks different for everyone.  Some ladies serve the Lord by pouring into their family.  Some by pouring out in hospitality.  Others in ways I do not even recognize, because that is not how God made me.

My greatest joy in life will be in pouring out myself to the Lord.  To often I get focused on what I think will fulfill me.  But I will only be fulfilled if I am living for the Lord.  That is where I will be most happy.  How did I forget that?

Lord teach me to have eyes to see more clearly what you are doing in my life.  Help me to better appreciate the unique and awesome ways that you have provided for me to serve you.  Help me to be joyful when I see other women ministering in different ways, instead of jealous.  If I dedicate my life and time to doing anything but what you have laid out for me, make me uncomfortable.  I want my joy to be found in you.


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