Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Breaking Routine

on May 31, 2013

Mornings are great!  If you have yet to experience them, I highly recommend them.  FYI morning is not 10 AM for all you college students out there.  It is so hard to get up when my alarm goes off, but I find that I never regret waking up early.

It is so quiet and peaceful, great for thinking and resting.  I am different than most.  Sleep is not my favorite form of rest.  I like to the alert enough to comprehend that I am enjoying the rest.  That is not something that happens when you are asleep… unless I have been doing it wrong.

The best things about mornings:

  • The quiet
  • morning walks (completely different than walks at other times of the day.  There is a completely different feeling in the air)
  • the first cup of coffee
  • Prayer and the Word before anything else of the day distracts you.

I have said it before, I am a creature of routine.  I thrive on it.  But I have found that slowly little things can sneak in, and all of a sudden I am doing things completely differently.  It is a process that happens with out me knowing it.  Little compromises in the way I do things get easier.  Other things seem more important.  Then I wake up one day and realize what I used to love to do has completley changed. (I completely identify with Paul when He says “What I want to do I don’t, but I do the very thing I hate.” Romans 7:15)

I have really found that to be the case with my time with the Lord.  I used to love to wake up early and have coffee while I read my bible and pray.  But then I thought it best to check my email first…just in case.  Then I read a blog post before I forgot.  Then before I knew it I needed to get my day started and I had barely even talked to God yet.  (Not that everyone has to spend time with the Lord in the morning… that’s just what works for me)

Its so easy for me to let the things that I deam important sneak in, and the things that God wants to get pushed to the side.

And the crazy thing is the thing that the God of the universe wants is to spend time with me.  Wait, hold on for a sec!  That can’t be right!

But it is… The Lord wants to spend time with me and I want to spend time on Pinterest?!  There is something wrong with this picture.

I am so grateful that the Lord is patient.  He waits on me.  and when necessary He gently gets my attention.  He slowly turns my face back to Him.  Sometimes I resist.  and sometimes the resistance is painful.  But He knows whats best for me.  He is what is best for me.  So He does what it takes to remind me of that.

“Count the patience of the Lord as salvation” 2 Peter 3:15

The thing is I do not want God to be a slot in my morning routine.  I want Him to be a part of my life.  I want to be moved by the Spirit.  I want to follow His leading.  A life spent in submission to Him is rarely a life of routine.  I have become more aware that my value of routine is severely limiting my experience of the work of the Lord in me and through me.

So right now I am in a battle.  I am battling to guard my time with the Lord.  Not just through spiritual disciplines, like prayer and reading the Word, but through actually clearing our space for Him through out my day.  By consulting Him in my daily decisions.  By allowing Him room and freedom to work through me, not just for me.

That is my prayer for the Church as a whole.  That we stop putting God into a box.  That we allow Him to work in ways that we don’t expect, can’t control, and are not used to .  Because only then can it be seen for what it is… The work of the Lord.  Not anything that we can produce or control.  Not things that have anything to do with us at all.  Because it is not about us.

I know that in doing this I might be uncomfortable, but He is worth it.  Break routine, Break tradition, Break the chains that bind us to our own expectations.

Allow God to work.  Because He is able.  And He is worthy.


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