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"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

A week is not made of Sundays

on May 28, 2013

I just saw this quote this morning and it landed in my heart in a funny way.  You know how you can be reading something or listening to someone and there is one little phrase that really jumps out at you.  Like stands out in bold face type.  Here I am… Pay Attention to me.  

It might not even really be the main point of whatever the speaker/writer was saying, but its what hits home to you.

This morning it was a good reminder, but also a kick in the pants.  And a good exclamation point on a thought that had been running through my head since yesterday.

My life is not a vacation

Just a statement hidden here ( about things that the author needs to be reminded of everyday.  Confession:  I haven’t yet read the whole post, so I can not speak further into the idea.

My life is not a vacation.  Initially my response was “Duh”.  That’s why we take vacations.  Anyone who tries to mistakes my day to day life for vacation is CRAZYlike straight up cray-cray as my oh-so-funny little brother might say.  (He is hip!… just ask him)

But honestly, that might be the mind set I have most days.  I might be painfully aware that my life is not a vacation, but I do everything in my power to make it so.  And I am a little resentful that its not.

But what is a vacation really?  It is a break.  A getaway from the realities and responsibilities of life.  We are not guaranteed a vacation.  We earn a vacation.  It is a luxury.  Kinda like recess in elementary school.  If you do not follow the rules or act up for the teacher, you lose recess.  It is a privilege.  And vacations or more enjoyable when you work hard the rest of your life, and you can really benefit from the rest.  If that’s not the case, really its just the same routine in a different location.

Lately, I have mentally been living in vacation mode.

God has been reminding me of a lot lately.  Right now my job does not have a conventional look.  I do not have a structured schedule; its not a permanent situation.  I do not have anyone that I report to on a daily basis to keep me motivated and on track.  The expectations are very vague and give me a lot of freedom in how they are pursued.

Balance has been hard.  I either lean toward being a workaholic or just plain lazy.

At this point after doing what I am doing for a few months, I get tired.  A more accurate word might be apathetic.  Or maybe that is just glamorizing it.  It’s easy to forget why I do what I do.  It’s easy to work only enough to justify taking a break to watch my favorite TV show.  Or rushing through a meeting so that I can mark that I was there and get on to other things.  Its easy to make excuses on why I do not work as hard as I should could.

But my life is not a vacation.  God set apart Sunday as a day of rest.  Rest is important.  But He also designated the other 6 days for work.  He gave us a job to do, and it is important.

God is worth it. (period…end of story)

Its not always the job that we want a break from… it’s life.  and that break won’t come until heaven.  That is the vacation we need to be anticipating.  That is the rest that will really satisfy.  But until then we have a job to do.  It is not work for the sake of work,  It is work for Christ‘s kingdom.  It is a privilege and a high calling.  It has eternal value.

If people look at the way I go about my work and my life will they see that my motivation is Jesus.  Or will it look like I am just doing what I have to do to get by.  Am I grudgingly doing the bare minimum, or I am delighting in the opportunities that they lord gives me to do any work for Him?

Lord, I want to be passionate about my Kingdom work.  I want to work diligently for you. I want people to know that you are worthy of everything.  That living and working for you is an honor, not a chore.

This is not our home.  This is not our rest.  Hasten the day that we will dwell with the Lord in Heaven.  Remember that this is temporary.  This day, this season, this job, this life.  It is all temporary.  Let that motivate you to keep working for the Lord.  Because when you love what you do, it never really feels like work.


One response to “A week is not made of Sundays

  1. Brittany,

    Thanks for linking to my blog post. I’m encouraged to hear about how the post struck you–even if you didn’t finish it =)

    Thanks for sharing your heart and being so honest in your post.

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