Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Confession: I read Fairytales

on May 21, 2013

The other day I was going stir crazy sitting inside.  The weather was beautiful and the sun was out.  My eyes were tired and my fingers were a little cramped from typing.  So I have myself 30 minutes.  I justified it in my head by saying that what I needed to do wouldn’t be effective until 4:30, and it was only 4 PM.  So clearly, I NEEDED to go outside.

True Confession:  I was also a couple of chapters away from being finished with my new book.

I am wierd about feelings… Like everything has to feel right.  If I drink coffee, I have to do it in the perfect chair.  If I take a walk, I want it to be in the prettiest place I can find.  So clearly I could not miss out on perfect reading weather.

(Although it can be argued that perfect reading weather is inside on a drizzly day all cozzied up… but really when isn’t perfect reading weather… am I right?!  I just lost about 75% of the audience right there didn’t I.  Please stick with me.)

Anywho…This is my newest friend.


I finished it yesterday and I miss it already.

I was traveling a few weeks ago and looking for the perfect traveling/airplane book.  (I think I have unrealistic expectations in most aspects of my life… Maybe I should give this a deeper look, lol)

After checking out too many books from the library, I found this gem.  To be honest, I saw it at the bookstore and got so excited about it that my boyfriend bought it for me on the spot.  Not gonna lie…. I geeked out like a little kid.  It was kinda embarrassing!  But he graciously called it cute.  He is a keeper!

I highly reccomend it.  Just my style!

This book is a compilation of 3 books written by Cameron Dokey.  All three are retellings of classic childrens’ fairytales, but with a twist. They are easily recognizable, but have slightly different perspectives than the original.  Its a quick,easy read with sweet and wholesome plots.  The stories are light with good themes.  All in all, I appreciate the fresh look on old classics.  and I respect the creativity it takes to think outside the box.

The 3 stories are:

Before Midnight… Cinderella


Wild Orchid… Mulan

The author also has written many other books along the same line, including sleeping beauty, snow white, and others.  You know I am already researching where to find these for myself.  They are perfect summer reading!

The last story in the book was Mulan… and wouldn’t you know what movie was on the family channel last night.  You guessed it!  Pocahontas….

I kid… it was Mulan, of course.  Perfect, right?!

I get emotionally attached to books very quickly.  I am sad when they are done.  And I like series books, because once I finish one I really enjoyed I find it hard to jump right into another right away.  I feel like I am cheating on the first one.

This one will definitely be a go to book for awhile.  I might even read it again soon!


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