Beauty in Brokenness

"He has made everything Beautiful in it's time." Eccl. 3:11

Stop and smell the roses

on April 5, 2013

One of my favorite things in the world is to take walks.  I can walk like it’s my job.  Many people have asked me if I run… nope!  I walk.  There is a huge difference.  Like for instance…


easy going, relaxing.  Good for taking in the scenery.  It lends itself to catching up with old friends(perfect socializing activity!)  Gives you a chance to think and breath.


It hurts.  You get sweaty.  You can’t breath.  You can’t think because you are trying to remember to breath.  It’s torture.  You hate yourself for doing it, and then you hate yourself because you can’t.  lol

(This might just be my experience… so I am not speaking for everyone here)

To be honest, I would love to love running.  I want to be a runner…. But I am not.  I give up hope.  So I might harbor some bitterness towards people who can run.  Whatever… it sucks.  That’s what I will tell myself.

However, figuratively, in life I have realized I rarely walk.  

I am a firm believer that life is made up of extremes.  I either lean way too far one way or way to far the other.  Perfect balance is what I aim for, but the reality of humanity is we can never sit comfortably in the middle.  We keep missing it.  And we won’t find that perfect balance in this life.  Because we are human.

So like I said, in life, figuratively speaking, I have 2 speeds… I either run, or I sit.  That’s it.  No happy medium.

In Ephesians 5, Paul says that we should be imitators of Christ and that we should walk in the love of Christ.  Yes, he said walk.  Not run, and not sit, even though there is a time and a place for each one of those things.  But he uses walk for a specific reason.

How often in your normal life do you need to run.  Not often.  But we walk daily.  Walking is steady and consistent.  Everyone can walk.  Some people might take long, sure steps.  Some might take short, quick steps.  Some might walk straight, others might wander.  But we all get there.  

Side note: Have you ever noticed how unique each person’s walk is.  I worked in an office once, and I could tell without even looking up which one of my co-workers were walking by.  It’s one foot in front of the other, but everyone does it a little differently.

Anywho, I really appreciate that Paul gives us permission to walk in life.  Everyone walks.  If I had to run all the time, I would never get there.  If all I did was sit, I am pretty sure I would never get anywhere either.  But as Christians we get to walk.  Steady and sure, right behind the Father.

We get to breath.  We get to enjoy the journey with Him.  We get to take in our surroundings.  We get to spend quality time with Him.  He knows exactly where we are going and He is in no hurry to get there.  After all, we aren’t going to miss anything.  The party can’t start until the Host arrives, and He will get us there when He is good and ready.  

So for now, I am going to try and stop running.  I am so eager to get to the next phase of life.  I feel like the amount of time it takes me to get there is a reflection of my character.  Like God is timing me and rating my worth by how quick and efficient I am.  This is exactly opposite of the Gospel.  The whole point is that I can’t get things right no matter how hard I try.  God is going to do it, on His time and not mine.  Running and striving won’t get me there any quicker, It will just frustrate you.  Kinda like a hamster on a wheel. 

From now on, I am going to follow the Lord.   I will go at His pace, and I will submit to His authority and timing.  I will trust that He will get me to wherever it is I am going.  And if he has some detours on the way… well, who am I to pass up another opportunity to experience something the Lord has brought along.  Even if it isn’t in my itinerary. 

At the end of the road, if I don’t know God more intimately then it was all for nothing. 

Lord, take my hand and set the pace.


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